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Actual monitoring and tracking of schools in the country is inefficient and often rendered ineffective.


  • Systems used for archiving vital information by individual institutions are isolated with quite diverse ownership.
  • Monitoring is Implementation through physical routine checks and field reports can be influenced by forgery and expensive to maintain.
  • Difficulty in acquisition of basic authentic information on schools like their statuses regarding registration, structure, performance, career guidance, basic health and related prevalence, heavily relying on media for information.
  • Unreliable communication and information channels


  • Such existence not only affects related system transparencies including lack of control, interoperability and openness, MoES resource allocation and planning, but also public trust
  • This increases collaborations inefficiencies among schools for surplus resources
  • Quality information is trustable and dependable, thus the unreliability escalates poor education service delivery, school dropouts and attracts fraud in service registration

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What is UNSER ?

UNSER makes accurate and authentic information about schools available to all citizens and stakeholders in the education system in Uganda in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

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